The Concept


A highly edited selection of cool… (a.k.a. the SEE concept)

Richard Golden

Perfection…from the most innovative fashion frame makers in the universe – edited for you at “fashionomically correct” prices.

SEE’s principals utilize their contacts cultivated over decades in the industry. The question they ask? Who is turning out designs that reflect the most forward thinking and unique product? We’re addicted to uncovering hidden gems and little known sources when creating designs. After the design phase, prototypes are sent to SEE for review where they go through another relentless editing process. If it isn’t “special”, it doesn’t make the cut. As a result, SEE’s collection is an eclectic and unique assortment of the best of the best: made exclusively for us. Mass production is a massive no-no at SEE.

We don’t stop with the usual subjects like France and Italy. Sure, they’re breeding grounds for top talent, but why stop there? What about the up and comers in Belgium, Austria, Spain and Germany – just to name a few? We believe monogamy has a place in the world, but not in this instance.

Why do we do what we do? Love, pride and good old fashioned snobbery. We like to thumb our nose in the face of criminally overpriced eyewear. We’re not looking for a fight, we’re just saying…

Accessory snobs, unite!