Voted Best Eyewear and Best Optical Shop - SEE Eyewear

Time for some hard-earned horn tooting.

Current "best of" win count: 81

Richard Golden founded SEE in 1998 with this simple mission: offer high-quality, original SEE brand "designer" frames at a palatable price point. The first SEE location opened in downtown Birmingham, Michigan, and the local response was overwhelmingly positive. Soon after, SEE opened up shop in South Beach, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Boston, Georgetown, and so on.

In 2001, SEE snagged its first "Best of" win in Boston! Here's what Boston Magazine had to say about SEE at the time:


"If there were a law of relativity for optical shops, it would go something like this: The cheaper the eyeglasses, the less attractive they are. Bucking this trend, SEE is changing the way we look at specs by offering unbeatable bargains and an amazing selection. The boutique eschews name brands, and trades its own signature style. From unusual plastic frames to classic vintage glasses, this shop’s picks capture the designer look—without the high-end prices."

Boston Magazine

We hate to be braggadocios, but...

Since then, SEE has been voted “Best Eyewear” and “Best Optical Shop” in readers’ polls 79 times (and counting!) from coast to coast. Winning cities include San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Nashville, Charleston, Ann Arbor and roughly a billion others.

Who are we kidding, we love to brag.