One year, one time, 50% off

If your prescription SEE glasses need to be replaced because you dropped them while doing something uber exciting or you were just going about your biz and they were damaged somehow (lenses scratched, broken temples, etc.), we’ll get you a new pair for 50% off the replacement cost. If you only need new lenses, those are half off as well. When we say 50% off the total, that includes coatings, progressives, etc.

In-Store Purchases:

If you made your original purchase in one of our SEE stores, bring them in to any of our SEE locations.

Online Purchases:

If you made your original purchase through SEE online, start a Warranty Claim here.

What if my frame has been sold out?

Let’s say we don’t have your exact frame because you obviously have stellar taste and we sold out of it. In that case, pick out something new and we’ll still give you 50% off.

Fair enough, huh? Of course, we’re talking the first year only, and just one time. We know Fido has great taste in eyewear, but sometimes he can get carried away. With the exception of loss, your prescription glasses come with a 50% off warranty for damaged or broken frames and lenses one time in the first year.

Note: Due to the delicate nature of the material and the limited supply of our SEE Buffalo Horn Capsule Collection, these frames are not subject to warranty. However, we’re not complete ogres so we would be happy to warranty 50% of your lenses within one year.