Printed on the inside of the temple of each SEE frame is a number that looks like this:

49 x 22 - 145
[ lens width x bridge width - temple length ]

Each of these numbers is a measurement in millimeters. In the example above, the measurements are lens width (49mm), bridge width (22mm), temple length (145mm). 

Additional measurements that can help determine the proper fit of a frame are frame width (frame fit) and lens height. These measurements are noted on product pages, but not on the frame itself.

Lens Width

The first number printed inside the temple is the lens width - the horizontal diameter of the lens.

Bridge Width

The second number printed inside the temple is the bridge width.

Temple length - frame measurements

Temple Length

The third number printed inside the temple is the temple length.

Frame Width / Frame Fit

The frame width (not noted on the frame itself) is measured from temple to temple across the top of the frame. SEE uses the Frame Width measurement to determine the Frame Fit as Narrow, Average/Medium, Wide.

Narrow: 132mm or less
Average/Medium: 133mm - 139mm
Wide: 140+mm

frame width measurement
Lens height - frame measurements

Lens Height

The Lens Height (not noted on the frame itself) represents the vertical height of the lens, measured from the top of the lens to the bottom. The frame is not included in this measurement.

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