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Brand spankin' new SEE HD 2.0 Lenses

We know that you know that SEE carries the coolest, most fashion-forward frames around. But did you know about our latest, most technologically advanced lenses available anywhere on the market? SEE’s new HD 2.0 lenses will give you vision you only dreamed possible! The crispest clarity, smoothest visual field transition, and most precise optics in a lens. Period.

*Progressive lenses require specific, in-person measurements to be accurate. We cannot provide progressive lenses online, unless you've previously been measured at a SEE store. 

Progressive Lenses


SEE Super HD 2.0 boasts extensive, balanced viewing zones for precise and comfortable focus at all distances. With its improved peripheral vision, this lens is a great choice for all progressive wearers looking for the best
visual quality and comfort.

Progressive Lenses


SEE Mobile HD 2.0 offers generous visual fields and comfortable focusing at all working distances, plus enhanced intermediate visual performance. This brand new, advanced progressive lens is multi-purpose and great for digital devices, as well as regular everyday use.

Single Vision Lenses


SEE Single Vision HD 2.0 boasts an advanced single-vision design, providing unparalleled peripheral vision, accurate focusing at all distances, and maximum comfort. This lens is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the most innovative and technologically advanced vision solutions.

Anti-Fatigue Lenses

SEE SV Plus 2.0

SEE Single Vision PLUS 2.0 is an anti-fatigue lens, designed to reduce the symptoms of eyestrain associated with the use of computers and other electronic devices. This lens offers three power boosts to combat the wearer’s eye fatigue and can be worn by all ages.

Occupational Lenses


SEE HD Websight™ 2.0 is a digitally enhanced occupational lens that boasts two focal points, providing maximum clarity in intermediate and near zones. Though this lens is not recommended for distance viewing, it is the perfect choice for anyone who spends extended periods of time viewing objects at near and intermediate distances.